How to make professional presentations with AI in 2024

Are you fed up with the hours you spend working on creating presentations? Most people waste too much time for that perfect picture, fighting with the clumsy templates and trying to write content that is interesting for your target audience. And where does this lead? Presentations that take days or longer to build and usually fail to keep the audience interested.

And what if there was an approach to make the process easier? There you have it! Tome AI is what you need to fight against boring slide-making. This AI-based presentation tool can bring about a transformation in the way you create awesome presentations at a breakneck speed.

In the past three months, Tome AI has had a global ranking of 12,714. While Tome AI automates tasks, it also capitalizes on the "Generative storytelling" concept in which the most compelling presentations are about narratives. No more need for googling for images or refereeing through templates. Tome AI applies the latest technologies to automate the whole procedure.

It effortlessly blends in with platforms like Google Images where you search for images of your content and get visuals that match perfectly. So, without wasting any more time, let's give you an insight into Tome AI, how it works, and how you can effectively use it to your advantage.

What is Tome AI?

Today's presentations are no longer just about laborious static slides, they have become much more interactive and engaging. Tome AI becomes an innovative presentation creation tool through the application of Artificial Intelligence to revolutionize the way you build strong presentations. It is not just simple software, but an AI-powered tool that simplifies the entire presentation creation process and automates it. In contrast to the traditional software with a focus on layouts and templates, Tome AI is based on the latest generative AI technology, like ChatGPT and DALL-E.

This makes Tome a tool that analyzes your content, suggests stunning visuals that are consistent with your message, and even recommends layouts that elevate your story’s flow. Meanwhile, Tome AI stands out among the different AI tools available. This is because other AI presentation tools focus on automation like AIPowerPoint alone.

On the other hand, Tome AIPowerPoint covers a broader area. It knows the significance of narrative and uses AI to create visuals that aren't just attractive but also lead to storytelling that strikes the audience's heart. Thus, Tome can act as a useful tool for professionals in various fields from business and academia to marketing, personal use, and sales. Let's look at some of the unique features of this amazing AI tool.

The Unique Features of Tome AI

Tome AI is not just a standard PowerPoint or slide show, it is a digital assistant for education. It is a revolution in AI-powered creation that focuses on instant slides, captivating storytelling, and a simple-to-use interface, which makes the entire process easier for the user. Let's go into these unique features:

1. Tome AI for Dynamic Slides Creation

The days of using stale bullet points and clip art are over. Tome AI helps you to develop presentations that come to life. Tome AI, by its "Tile" interface, presents a user-friendly interface. These personalized blocks are text, image, video, and web page embeds. Think of that time when you discover a Twitter feed on your slide or a moving infographic.

This flexibility comes in handy to deliver highly visualized presentations that are highly captivating and thus hold the attention of your audience. Also, the Tome AI experience offers an intuitive export function that allows you to export your creations as PPT files, thus maintaining compatibility with your existing workflows.

2. Storytelling with Tome AI

Tome AI knows that presentations that can change people’s minds are based on a solid story. So, it goes beyond giving beautiful aesthetics to transforming you from a slide creator to a storyteller. All you need to do is give a topic or a prompt and the Tome AI's core will assess and analyze your content.

It then provides visuals, layouts, and text that are according to your message and which are also very useful in building the flow of your story. This smart aid guarantees that your presentation is going to make a convincing and engaging story.

3. Tome AI’s Method of 3D Modeling

Although Tome AI at the moment lacks the complete set of 3D modeling features, it uses AI to make visually attractive and relevant images. The AI platform lets you visualize the kind of image you want for your presentation and it will produce several customized options for you. You won’t spend any time searching for the perfect visuals since you will be able to focus on building the message.

These features, including Tome AI’s user-friendly interface and team collaboration tools, set it apart from other presentation platforms. It makes you not only transcend from the static slides but create dynamic and interactive presentations that are engaging and resonate with your audience.

How to Use Tome AI

How to use Tome AI

If you want to use Tome AI, then here's how to go about it:

  • Creating Your Tome AI Account
    The first step is to head over to Tome AI’s website. When you're there, Click on the "Sign in" drop-down menu at the top right corner. Select the access method you like, for instance, "Google account". If you are a new user, click on "Create Account" and fill out the necessary details. You’ll have to give your username and state the role you would like to assume.
  • Choose a Plan
    You'll be asked to name your dashboard and select a plan. Tome AI offers two options. That's the Basic and Pro. The Basic plan is free, while the Pro plan costs $8 per month. Just select the Basic plan and then click continue. You'll notice that you have 500 free AI credits available. These credits can be used to make presentations, stories, or outlines. You'll find the credit count displayed in the bottom left corner of your Tome AI homepage.
  • Start Creating Your Presentations
    Now that you have logged in, go to "Create" and choose "Create a presentation about…" from the list. The introduction part of your presentation should be written clearly in the prompt line. The greater the amount of data you have, the better is Tome AI aligned with your goals. Tome AI will take a few seconds to analyze your request and come up with an initial outline for your presentation.
  • Refine Your Presentation with Tome AI PowerPoint (PPT)
    You can click on any of the text boxes on a slide, and it will display the content that you can edit. Also, you can add images directly or use Tome AI’s image generation. Just put the kind of image you need in the text box, and Tome AI will use its AI machine to produce several images of what you need for you to select. In case you're feeling like you need a more traditional format? No problem! Tome AI will allow you to automatically save your presentation as a PPT file, making sure it will work with the existing workflows.

Is Tome AI Free?

Tome AI Pricing

Yes, it has both a free version and a premium version. Tome AI is a great starting point for getting into the world of AI-driven presentations that provide a free version. Here’s what you get:

  • Free to Use Version
    Here, you're not required to pay any money to try out the platform. You can explore as much as you want. There are also 500 AI credits available. With this, you can catch a glimpse into how Tome AI can generate content and visuals using its AI capabilities. However, there are limitations in the free version. Every time you present to an investor, the Tome AI logo will be right there. Also, you don’t have an option to save your images as PDFs for further distribution.
  • Premium Version
    For a more professional use, Tome AI provides a paid plan at $96 per year or $10 per month (discounted rate). With this premium version, you can come up with content and visuals without any limitations. There's also an option of using several variations of the format to share your work/presentation.

Furthermore, you can add a logo of your brand (if you have one already) and that will be more professional-looking.So, you can either opt for the free version to see if it suits your needs or pay for the full version for a more professional presentation experience.

What Does Tome AI Do?

Tome AI not only works as a presentation tool but also goes beyond. Let's just say it is an AI partner that can instantly convert presentations from static slides into dynamic experiences. Here are some of its features:

  • AI-Powered Content Creation
    You can use Tome AI to create amazing content. For instance, give the subject and Tome AI will analyze it. This AI even goes further by showing you the alternatives that not only suit your content but also improve the flow of the presentation.
  • Interactive Slide Building
    Tome AI tiles the sentences by using a "Tile" system. These tiles, which are tailor-made, have text, images, videos, and even interactive elements like live tweets and infographics. Such flexibility enables you to craft slides that appealingly depict the concept and thus, keep your audience attentive.
  • AI Image Generation
    Finding images that match the word's meaning is a problem. You can Share what you're looking for, and the AI engine of Tome AI will produce several possibilities for you to choose from. With Tome AI, you can make images using AI for your projects. This is great because pictures are important for every presentation, but it's hard to find the perfect ones. Tome fixes this with its built-in tool. You describe what kind of image you need, and it gives you lots of choices to pick from.

The AI Behind Tome AI

Tome AI utilizes the latest AI models to give its magic. While the specifics might be complex, here are some AIs driving its operations:

  • Similar to ChatGPT
    This AI filtering system analyzes your input and understands the context. It will then make text recommendations that will be appropriate and captivating to your audience.
  • Inspired by DALL-E
    This AI model is the oasis of the images. The ability to articulate your desired visuals will enable Tome AI to bring DALL-E’s capabilities to the table for creating novel and relevant images. You can even make animations and 3D pictures of stuff you want to show, which makes your presentations more interesting.

Practical Application of Tome AI

Tome AI isn’t just for flashy presentations in the boardroom. It’s a versatile tool that can enhance communication across various fields:

Professional Settings

If you want to make a business presentation, then Tome AI can help you do the following:

  • Ace Your Sales Pitch
    With Tome AI, you can create a dynamic presentation with captivating visuals and a clear narrative. This will showcase your product’s value in a way that resonates with potential clients.
  • Engaging Your Team
    Tired of monotonous meetings? Breathe new life into presentations with Tome AI through interactive elements and data visualizations that keep your team focused and involved.
  • Delivering Powerful Training Sessions
    Tome AI allows you to educate your employees with presentations that are clear, concise, and visually engaging, ensuring knowledge is retained and applied effectively.

Tome AI Tools For Various Industries

Tome AI isn’t limited to the corporate world. Here are ways Tome AI is of benefit to different sectors:

  • Education
    AI programs like Tome possess the ability to create engaging and informative presentations that align with your teaching goals. With this technology, you can educate your students, trainees, or coworkers, and make learning fun and engaging.
  • Marketing & PR
    Tome AI assists you in making interesting and imaginative content for your marketing platforms like social media, email, or blog. This helps you grab and keep people's attention.
  • Non-Profit
    You can raise awareness for your cause by creating impactful presentations that tug at heartstrings and inspire action.

Tips and Tricks for Mastering Tome AI

If you want to make the most out of Tome AI, then the following tips are for you:

  • Start Specific
    The more details you provide in your prompts, the better Tome AI writes the content. Instead of a broad topic like "sales," try "sales pitch for marketing software to small businesses."
  • Embrace the Tiles
    Don’t be afraid to experiment with Tome AI’s unique "Tile" system. Combine text, images, videos, and even live web elements to create dynamic and visually engaging slides.
  • Image Magic
    Tome AI’s image generation is a goldmine. Use it to create visuals that perfectly complement your message. Stuck for ideas? Describe a scene or concept, and let Tome AI generate options.
  • Storytelling Power
    Think beyond bullet points. Use Tome AI’s suggestions to craft a clear narrative that flows throughout your presentation.
  • Spark Engagement
    You can always keep your audience on their toes by using Tome AI to embed interactive elements like polls, quizzes, or live Twitter feeds.
  • Less is More
    While Tome AI offers a lot, don’t overload your slides. Focus on key points and visuals that support your message.

The Future of Presentations With Tome AI

The use of Tome AI will completely change the future of storytelling. It will make complete stories using AI and interactive tools. Tome will work smoothly with other tools and platforms to make storytelling better. Also, it will keep getting better at AI to make stories more creative and interesting.

Furthermore, Tome intends to introduce new AI features to assist users in creating presentations, simplifying the process, and helping them overcome writer’s block. These features will enable users to write compelling stories easily.

Actually, Tome aims to gather and respond to customer feedback to enhance its AI-driven storytelling capabilities further. So, we're already looking at the possibilities of a great change that comes with Tome AI.


Tome AI is a flexible and strong platform for making presentations, organizing work, and improving processes. Its advanced features and easy-to-use design make it a great choice for businesses wanting to use AI for their presentations and storytelling.

Apart from being a tool for presentations. it provides a peek into what lies ahead. By focusing on AI-driven storytelling and dynamic presentations Tome AI is leading the path toward impactful communication.

One thing is certain; AI is transforming the world of presentations, and Tome AI stands at the forefront of this evolution by empowering individuals to create presentations that grab attention, spark discussions, and make an impact.

Apart from Tome AI, you can also use conversational AI tools like Bodt, to improve how you talk to customers. Contact our team to find out how our AI system can make your customer service better.

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