Transform Your Customer Experience with a WhatsApp Chatbot

Take your customer interactions to the next level. Our AI-powered WhatsApp chatbots are designed to provide instant responses, personalized support, and best shopping experiences anytime, anywhere.

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Advanced Features to boost User Engagement

AI-Powered Conversations

  • • Utilizes natural language processing (NLP) for human-like interactions.
  • • Machine learning algorithms to improve responses over time.

24/7 Customer Support

  • • Instant automated responses.
  • • Predefined workflows for common queries.

Seamless Integration

  • • Connect with CRM systems (Salesforce, HubSpot).
  • • API integration with e-commerce platforms (Shopify, WooCommerce).

Multimedia Support

  • • Handle images, videos, documents.
  • • Dynamic content delivery based on customer interactions.

Customizable Flows

  • • Drag-and-drop interface for creating conversation flows.
  • • Train AI using webpages, files, images, videos, and FAQs.

Analytics and Reporting

  • • Real-time performance metrics.
  • • Customer interaction insights for continuous improvement.


Benefits of using Bodt's Whatsapp Chatbot

  • Enhanced Customer Engagement - Keep customers engaged with instant, personalized responses.
  • Enhanced Cost Efficiency - Reduce operational costs with automated support.
  • Enhanced Increased Sales - Drive conversions through proactive engagement and upselling.
  • Enhanced Scalability - Handle multiple conversations simultaneously without compromising quality.
Whatsapp Chatbot Benefits

How to Create a WhatsApp Chatbot with Bodt

Connect WhatsApp to Bodt
Connect WhatsApp to Bodt

Begin by integrating your WhatsApp account with Bodt. Set up your WhatsApp Business API and link it seamlessly to the Bodt platform.

Create and Configure Chatbots
Create and Configure Chatbots

Design and customize your chatbots within Bodt. Tailor bot responses, workflows, and automated interactions to meet your specific business requirements.

Monitor and Optimize
Monitor and Optimize

Utilize Bodt's analytics tools to track chatbot performance. Analyze user interactions and adjust your bots to enhance customer engagement and satisfaction.


  • To create a free WhatsApp chatbot, you can use platforms that offer no-cost plans, such as Bodt. These tools typically provide templates and user-friendly interfaces to help you design and deploy your chatbot without coding. Additionally, they offer integration guides to connect your chatbot with WhatsApp seamlessly.

  • The WhatsApp Business API allows businesses to connect at scale with their customers through WhatsApp. It supports sending notifications, customer service messages, and automating responses via chatbots. To use it, you need to apply for access, integrate it with a chatbot platform like Bodt, and configure your communication workflows.

  • Integrating a chatbot with WhatsApp involves several steps: obtaining access to the WhatsApp Business API, configuring your chatbot's settings on a platform like Bodt, and connecting the API with your chatbot. This process enables automated interactions and personalized customer service directly through WhatsApp.

  • A WhatsApp marketing chatbot enhances customer engagement by providing instant responses, personalized interactions, and proactive outreach. It can help automate marketing campaigns, gather customer data, and provide 24/7 support, making it a powerful tool for increasing customer satisfaction and driving sales.

Start creating your WhatsApp chatbot for free and discover the benefits of automated customer service and marketing