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Enhance your online store’s experience with AI chat support powered by Bodt. Give 24/7 Customer Support, smart product recommendations, order tracking and instant responses to your shoppers.

Ecommerce Chatbot for Bodt

Integrations with Top Ecommerce Platforms

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Experience 24/7 AI-Powered Chat Support

Deliver Uninterrupted, Top-Notch Support to Your Valued Shoppers

Respond instantly, ensuring no customer waits.
Provide precise responses to even the most intricate questions.
Efficiently manage and resolve up to 85% of all support queries.
Connect your Store
AI Chatbot

Boost Sales with AI-Powered Product Recommendations

Optimize the Shopping Journey & Elevate Your Sales Metrics

Engage shoppers with tailored product suggestions during live chats.
Strategically upsell and cross-sell to maximize cart value.
Guide customers effortlessly to their sought-after items.
Connect your Store
AI Product Recommendations

Empower Your Customers with Bodt's All-in-One Chatbot

Streamline Tracking, Uncover Deals, and Foster Connections Right on Your eCommerce Platform

Enable real-time tracking to keep your customers always informed.
Showcase timely discounts and current product availability.
Simplify and accelerate the lead collection process.
Connect your Store
Track Orders


Flexible plans to match your needs

Select the ideal plan tailored for your needs, and elevate your AI- conversational Chatbot experience.

Pay As You Go

Perfect for Start-ups, covers all your needs.


Buy plan
  • 100 AI Responses
  • 25,000 Word Count
  • 5 FAQs
  • Unlimited Chatbots


Advanced Features for growing needs.


Buy plan
  • 10,000 AI Responses
  • 2,000,000 Word Count
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • Unlimited Chatbots


Premium capabilities for organization seeking an edge.


Buy plan
  • 50,000 AI Responses
  • 25,000,000 Word Count
  • Unlimited FAQs
  • Unlimited Chatbots


Unparalleled support, customization, and scalability.


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  • Custom AI Responses
  • Custom Word Count
  • Custom
  • Unlimited Chatbots


Trusted by eCommerce Stores Worldwide

The 24/7 customer support feature ensures that our visitors always have someone to interact with, even during off-hours.

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Grace Bates

We've managed to cut down on customer support costs, and the feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

User Image
Jad Sanaknaki

The multilingual capabilities of's chatbot have allowed us to connect with a global audience. It's truly a tool designed for the modern, interconnected world.

User Image
@chrisgray's chatbot feels like it truly 'gets' our customers. The accuracy in its responses is just like having a real person on the other end.

User Image
Supun Medegedara

Thanks to's 24/7 chat support, I'm finally enjoying peaceful nights, knowing our customers are always in good hands.

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Rachel Streep

Once our data was indexed, the chatbot began delivering proactive, friendly, and professional responses. It leaves a positive lasting impression on shoppers.

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Ranjith MN

Integrate Bodt AI with Your eCommerce Store

Empower your online business with AI-driven chat support, enhancing customer experience and boosting sales.

Frequently asked questions

How does an AI chatbot differ from traditional customer support?

AI chatbots offer automated, 24/7 support, instantly handling multiple queries without wait times. Unlike traditional support, which relies on human availability and can have delays, chatbots use data-driven insights to provide consistent, immediate responses, enhancing the customer experience and efficiency of the support process.

How does the chatbot learn and improve over time?

Bodt's chatbot utilizes advanced machine learning algorithms. Initially trained on extensive eCommerce datasets, it's designed to understand and respond to shopper queries. As it interacts with your store's customers, Bodt continuously gathers and analyzes this new data, refining its responses. This ensures Bodt becomes increasingly adept at assisting your shoppers over time.

What's the ROI of implementing an AI chatbot for my eCommerce store?

Implementing AI chatbot in your eCommerce store can yield a high ROI. It cuts down on training and staffing costs by offering 24/7 automated support. The chatbot also drives sales by instantly recommending products to shoppers. Over time, this leads to increased customer satisfaction, repeat purchases, and a boost in overall revenue.

How does the chatbot ensure customer data privacy and security?

Bodt's chatbot prioritizes customer data privacy and security. It employs encryption and robust security protocols to safeguard user information. Additionally, Bodt adheres to strict data handling guidelines, ensuring that personal details aren't stored longer than necessary and are never shared without explicit consent, aligning with global data protection standards.

Can customers opt to speak with a human representative if needed?

Yes, customers can certainly opt to speak with a human representative. While Bodt's chatbot efficiently handles a majority of queries, we understand the importance of human touch. If a customer's concern requires personal attention or if they simply prefer human interaction, they can easily be redirected to a live representative.

How do I integrate the chatbot into my existing eCommerce website?

Integrating Bodt's chatbot into your existing eCommerce website is straightforward. Simply follow the onboarding steps: connect your website, train the chatbot using your webpages, and configure the bot to align with your theme's UI. Once done, you'll receive an embedding code. Just add this code to your website, and the chatbot will be live and ready to assist your customers.

How does the chatbot handle complex queries or situations it doesn't understand?

When faced with complex queries or unfamiliar situations, Bodt's chatbot is designed to recognize its limitations. In such cases, it either seeks clarifications from the user or suggests contacting a human representative for more detailed assistance. This ensures that customers always receive accurate information and a seamless support experience.