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Boost your WordPress site with our trusted AI chatbot: always accurate and reliable. Enhance user experience with 24/7 support, smart recommendations, and instant answers.

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24/7 AI Chat Support

Your users will always find a helping hand ready to assist them.

Instant Responses & Anytime Assistance: No more keeping customers waiting.
Accurate Interactions: There's no room for AI misconceptions or hallucinations.
Enhanced User Satisfaction: With constant and consistent support.
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AI Chatbot

Effortless WordPress Integration

Seamless chatbot integration for your WordPress site.

Quick Setup: Intuitive installation, no hassles.
Theme Compatibility: Compatible with most WordPress themes.
No Coding: Simple integration, no technical expertise needed.
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Tailored User Experience

Customize the chatbot to match your brand.

Personalized Design: Resonate with your brand’s logo and theme
Robust Security: Security measures to ensure your data is protected
Insightful Analytics: Understand user behaviors and preferences.
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Trusted by Websites Worldwide

The 24/7 customer support feature ensures that our visitors always have someone to interact with, even during off-hours.

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Grace Bates

We've managed to cut down on customer support costs, and the feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Jad Sanaknaki

The multilingual capabilities of's chatbot have allowed us to connect with a global audience. It's truly a tool designed for the modern, interconnected world.

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@chrisgray's chatbot feels like it truly 'gets' our customers. The accuracy in its responses is just like having a real person on the other end.

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Supun Medegedara

Thanks to's 24/7 chat support, I'm finally enjoying peaceful nights, knowing our customers are always in good hands.

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Rachel Streep

Once our data was indexed, the chatbot began delivering proactive, friendly, and professional responses. It leaves a positive lasting impression on shoppers.

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Ranjith MN

Integrate Bodt AI with Your Wordpress

Empower your online business with AI-driven chat support, enhancing customer experience and boosting sales.

Integrations with Top Platforms

Integration with Adobe Commerce
Integration with Big Commerce
Integration with Magento
Integration with Shopify
Integration with Woo-Commerce
Integration with Wix

Frequently asked questions

Is the chatbot compatible with all WordPress themes and plugins?

Yes, Bodt's AI chatbot is designed for broad compatibility with a variety of WordPress themes and plugins. Our advanced integration ensures smooth operation without conflicts, offering a seamless user experience irrespective of the theme or plugins you utilize.

How do I integrate the AI Chatbot with my WordPress site?

To integrate Bodt's AI chatbot with your WordPress, follow the detailed steps provided in our guide: The integration is straightforward and designed for users with minimal technical expertise.

Is there a way to fine-tune the chatbot's responses for my niche or industry?

Certainly! Bodt's AI chatbot is designed for adaptability. By adding your industry-specific content, the chatbot learns and fine-tunes its responses. For further precision, you can manually customize and train the chatbot, ensuring it aligns perfectly with your niche's requirements.

Does the chatbot support multiple languages?

Yes, Bodt's chatbot is equipped to support multiple languages, ensuring a diverse range of customers can benefit from its assistance. This multi-lingual capability enhances the global outreach of your eCommerce store.

Can I integrate the chatbot with other tools or CRMs I use?

Yes, Bodt's AI chatbot is designed for flexibility. It offers integration capabilities with a range of tools and CRMs, ensuring you can maintain a cohesive workflow and manage customer interactions seamlessly.

Is there a limit to the number of interactions or queries the chatbot can handle?

No, there's no set limit. Bodt's chatbot is equipped to handle numerous queries simultaneously, ensuring consistent support to all users. Its robust design ensures that it remains responsive and efficient, regardless of the volume of interactions.

Can I see analytics or data on how visitors are interacting with the chatbot?

Yes, Bodt provides an intuitive analytics dashboard that offers insights into visitor interactions. This data is crucial for understanding user behavior, refining chatbot performance, and enhancing overall customer experience.


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