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What is Caktus AI and how to use it to write Plagerism-free Content.

Discover Caktus AI, a tool designed for students to excel in academics. Craft perfect essays, solve complex math problems, and code in multiple languages.

What is Caktus AI and how to use it to write Plagerism-free Content.

Striking a balance between academics and extracurricular activities is essential for a well-rounded education and personal growth. This makes developing efficient study habits crucial to make the best out of your study time. In today’s world, technology has become an integral part of our daily lives so students should approach AI as a supplementary tool to produce more results with their efforts.

AI is transforming the educational landscape and one such platform is Caktus AI. An AI tool that can help students with numerous tasks like providing assistance with essay writing, discussing questions, helping in coding, and even professional job application help so that the students can perform these tasks quickly and efficiently.

What does Caktus AI do?

You can use Caktus for a range of academic tasks, it can help you write notes, summaries, citations, creative stories, essays, and much more. By analyzing analyze your writing style and generate paragraphs that match your writing style. If you are learning to code Caktus has a writer tool for 10+ languages including Python, C++, and Java. It is also equipped with a code convertor with an explainer tool and can also provide step-by-step solutions to your math, science, and physics problems Caktus can help significantly reduce the time spent on gathering facts as it is integrated with CORE and only refers to published papers.

How does Caktus AI work?

Caktus is integrated with CORE which is a not-for-profit service delivered by The Open University. Caktus pulls from its database and will provide sources for your information if you select the “Create Citations” button at the bottom of the page. Using Caktus AI is pretty simple, just like ChatGPT, all you need is to write prompts and it will deliver you the material and suggestions required as per your need.

Features and Benefits of Caktus AI

Caktus AI takes your text input and turns it into a full-blown paper. It is equipped with a vast array of 65+ features which include an Essay Writer, Story Generator, Question Solver, Hok Generator, and many more.

Features and benefits of Caktus AI is designed for fluidity in writing. Caktus responses when writing paragraphs are 100% plagiarism-free and generate unique responses every time; you could ask the same prompt 1000 times and get a different response every single time. As you write your paper the AI assistant provides suggestions to enhance your writing and make them more compelling and structured.

As you write more the AI learns your writing style and over time gives suggestions that match your tone and style of writing which streamlines your writing and is capable of generating outlines and summaries. If you feel the Caktus Ai does not have a feature you can submit feature requests by simply emailing and we’ll see if it’s something we can work on.

How much does Caktus AI cost?

Convenience often comes with a price and it is important to do the cost-benefit analysis before purchasing. Caktus Ai has 3 plans available Base Plan($14.99 / month), Pro Plan($19.99 / month), and Annual Plan($99.99 / billed annually). Caktus gives users the option to cancel at any time.

How much does AI Caktus Cost

How to use Caktus AI

Signing Up

Start by visiting the website of Caktus AI and hitting on the Join Caktus Button.

Benefits in class ai helper for students

You will be redirected to their signup page, where you need to enter your details such as name and email address, and create a password.

Join Caktus

After that, you will be again redirected to the Plans page where you can select the plan best suited for you.

How to use Caktus Ai Tools?

  1. Log in to your account.
  2. Choose a Tool: Browse through the available Caktus tools and select the one that suits your needs. Caktus offers a range of tools for writing, coding, and learning, among others.
  3. Specify your Requirements: Once you have selected a tool, provide any necessary information or details about your task. For example, if you're using a writing tool, you might specify the essay topic, word count, or any specific instructions from your teacher.
  4. Generate the Output: After you have provided the required details, click on the "Generate" or "Submit" button to initiate the tool. Caktus will process your input and generate the output accordingly.
  5. Review and Utilize the Output: Once the output is generated, carefully review the results. For coding tools, you may receive code snippets, debugging tips, or explanations of concepts.

How can I use Caktus AI for free? There is currently no free or trial version of the Caktus AI. Clicking on any of the services on the dashboard will take you to a signup page. If you register for an account, you’ll be directed to subscribe to the service.

How to cancel my Caktus AI subscription?

  1. Go to the Caktus AI Website
  2. Login to your Caktus Account
  3. Click on your profile icon from the corner of the screen
  4. Click on the Billing option from the drop-down section
  5. Navigate to the Plans section and click on Manage Plans
  6. Then, tap the Cancel Subscription button
  7. Confirm your Caktus AI Subscription cancelation

You can also cancel your subscription by sending a cancelation request to the Caktus Team at their Email address at and ask for their help in canceling the subscription.

Make sure that you cancel the Caktus Subscription at least 24 hours before it renews automatically otherwise you will be charged for the next cycle as well.

Caktus has a unique pause feature as well which allows users to select a time frame anywhere from one month to six months where their plan is canceled but automatically resumes at the end of the pause duration to allow for a smooth transition back to school without being charged during the months where school is not in session.

How to delete my Caktus AI account

You can delete your Caktus AI by writing an email to and they will assist you with the process.

Who owns Caktus AI?

Caktus AI was founded by Harrison Leonard and Tao Zhang.


Leveraging technology as a supplementary tool can significantly enhance your efficiency and make the most out of your study time. With its diverse set of tools, Caktus becomes more than just an AI platform; it becomes your personalized companion on the educational journey. The integration with CORE ensures access to credible information, making your research more efficient. Sign up for Caktus AI today and don't miss out on the opportunity to optimize your study habits and achieve more with every effort.

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