Use ChatGPT as Customer Support Agent

Use ChatGPT trained with your data. Build an agent that knows yours business and engages with your users.

  • Easy API Integration
  • Custom Chatbots Trained on Your Data
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Quick Deployment in Minutes
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Unmatched Performance with Our AI Chatbot


Queries resolved without human intervention


Availability ensuring uninterrupted customer support


Languages supported for global reach


Increase in lead generation

1.1+ million

Conversations handled every year


Increase in customer engagement


Create AI Chatbot in 3 Steps

Connect Your Website

Copy-Paste your website URL, and Bodt will retrieve all your pages into an organized list.

Train On your Data

Select the pages that you want your chatbot to know and click on 'Train Selected' button.

Embed Chatbot On Website

Customize the chatbot, test ai-responses and embed chatbot on your Website.

Personalised ChatBot

Create a chatbot tailored with your content

Ever wanted to replicate yourself to handle customer inquiries? Now you can! Empower your chatbot with your own content, ensuring it embodies your brand's unique voice. Think of it as a digital extension of yourself!

Personalised ChatBot

AI Nudges

Facilitate conversations with engaging AI Nudges

Provide users with a digital icebreaker to get started. Include frequently asked questions or those you wish more users would ask to help them get the most out of your product or service.

AI Nudges

Lead Generation

Transform interactions into valuable leads

Turn every conversation into an opportunity. Utilize our chatbot's capability to gather essential information, qualify potential customers, and seamlessly integrate with your CRM. Maximize your outreach and grow your customer base effortlessly.

Lead Generation

Escalate to Human

Seamlessly transition to human support

Ensure a smooth handoff when needed. Our chatbot intelligently identifies when a query requires human expertise and promptly connects customers to your support team. Enhance customer satisfaction with timely and personalized assistance.

Escalate to Human

Trusted by Users Worldwide

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Reduced Costs, Happy Clients

We've managed to cut down on customer support costs, and the feedback from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive.

Jad Sanaknaki@jadsanaknaki
Round-the-Clock Customer Support

The 24/7 customer support feature ensures that our visitors always have someone to interact with, even during off-hours.

Grace Bates@gracebates
Accurate, Human-like Responses's chatbot feels like it truly 'gets' our customers. The accuracy in its responses is just like having a real person on the other end.

Supun Medegedara@supunmedegedara
Global Connection with Chatbot

The multilingual capabilities of's chatbot have allowed us to connect with a global audience. It's truly a tool designed for the modern, interconnected world.

Proactive, Friendly, Professional Responses

Once our data was indexed, the chatbot began delivering proactive, friendly, and professional responses. It leaves a positive lasting impression on shoppers.

Ranjith MN@ranjithmn
Peaceful Nights with Chatbot

Thanks to's 24/7 chat support, I'm finally enjoying peaceful nights, knowing our customers are always in good hands.

Rachel Streep@rachelstreep

Seamless integration with all your favorite tools

Connect our software with the apps you use and love. With the increasing number of integrations with communications. Bring in customer data from your favourite tools.

Bodt's Ingrations

Frequently asked Questions

  • Simply follow these steps:

    1. Connect your website by copying and pasting your URL.
    2. Train the chatbot with your selected pages.
    3. Customize and embed the chatbot on your website. Detailed instructions can be found at our documentation.
  • No, the Bodt platform is designed to be user-friendly. You can add a chatbot to your website without any coding skills. It only takes 10 mins to make a chatbot.

  • Absolutely! Once you've trained your chatbot, you'll have the option to customize its look, behavior, and responses to best match your website's branding and needs. You can put your website's logo and colour theme as well.

  • Bodt employs a multi-layered approach to security. We use advanced encryption techniques to protect both data at rest and in transit. All sensitive information is encrypted using industry-standard algorithms, ensuring your data remains private and secure.

  • Our AI-Chatbot is designed to understand and respond in multiple languages. It can detect the user's language and generate accurate responses, making it easier to cater to a global audience.

  • The Knowledge Hub centralizes all essential information about your organization, making it easier for employees to access company guides, policies, and goals. This streamlines processes, reduces information-seeking time, and ensures consistency in data shared among employees.

  • Yes, our AI-Chatbot is versatile and can be tailored to fit the specific needs and terminologies of various industries, from e-commerce and healthcare to finance and education.

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Bring ChatGPT to your Website

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Harness the might of automation for your enterprise, deliver real-time AI-driven responses, and amplify productivity and profits.

  • Easy API Integration
  • Custom Chatbots Trained on Your Data
  • Multi-Platform Compatibility
  • Quick Deployment in Minutes
  • Get Started for Free